Monday, April 20, 2009

listen to the little voice

I went on a run this morning and for some reason I felt the need to turn down a certain block. I said to myself that's odd, I better turn and run down this block. Behold it was the right decision to follow the pull. Some old doctor's office / house was being emptied and in front was a plethora of supplies to store my tools in, as well as dry erase boards, medical cabinets, and a nice spinning globe. One most important things found was 300 file folders for filing cabinets!!

This is extremely coincidental - serendipitous and bizarre because I was just talking to my beautiful lovely Mae yesterday morning about how I needed a filing cabinet and a bunch of file folders. These scenario's where something comes into being after stating it out loud are strange ones. It can give one a feeling that somethings are listened to, or because you've projected it in your mind the notion of seeing it in front of you becomes more apparent.

But then again, this is all due to what some like to call "the little voice" that told me to run down a certain block.

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