Saturday, September 5, 2009

understanding a Beatle

Abbey Road is a masterpiece. I find it to be at times layered in metaphor and allusions which I'm still unraveling really to no purpose, just for fun. I find when you've figured something out, or nail down an idea or interpretation, that action tends to kill the art and interest. I like the general idea of what Pollock said, when you look at a bed of flowers you don't go about analyzing what it all means. It just is. And is respected as is. They are flowers. They exist.
Don't nail it down, don't clip the wings, let good art fly about.

Back to the Beatles one recent thing I noticed about the last 3 tracks of Abbey Road: in relationships you wind up taking on another persons being. their dilemas, their habbits, their unawareness, their problems. Perhaps that's what Lennon meant by "boy you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time."

Other interpretations are also suitable, one being Lennon carrying the weight of the band when he and yoko break it. Another interpretation being as time went on the "weight" of the Beatles past would be carried by each member. Once again I'm not trying to figure it out, just having fun looking into it.

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